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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

An experienced Voice Artist specialiazed in all digital media.

Voice Style

An authoritative baratone that resonates with a distinct charismatic sound similar to that of Michael Buffer, a young Dick Clark and Jeremy Irons and Sean Connery.


The voice of Horton, famously known for his voice work in Mckamy Manor, heard on Netflix show "Scariest places in America" and "Ed's World" on Youtube.  An artist from the start, as a child Horton mimicked voices heard over many movies, television shows and theme park attractions such as the "Ghost Host" from The Haunted Mansion.  As his voice grew so did his artistic skills, Horton began practicing with characters such as Bullwinkle, Huckleberry Hound and Mr. Magoo. 

  With a growing skillset Horton decided to offer his services to the world, He made himself known to the world when he pursued work in I.V.R. and advertising announcements, transitioned to voice overs for film and eventually to animated characters.

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